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Care and Maintenance of Your New Granite Surfaces

Granite needs to be SEALED, but it is an easy process. We seal your granite counter tops at the time of installation. Your granite may also be cleaned using mild soap and water, a dilute vinegar and water mixture, or a disinfectant wipe. How often your granite needs to be sealed depends upon the type of granite you have selected. Most granite requires sealing once a year, however, there are some stones that require it more often (once every six months or once every three months). To determine whether your granite is due for sealing, simply perform a sealer test.

Sealer Test

Place a wet paper towel on the granite work area for 5 minutes. If a watermark is visible, it is time to reseal.

Things that can scratch granite

  • Granite pastry boards without protective feet
  • Sand
  • Other stones
  • Tile
  • Abrasive pads and cleansers

Surface polishing can repair scratches.

Most chips happen around the sink and dish areas, but often can be easily repaired.

Grease, oil, and red wine, if left on for a long period of time, can stain. If you inadvertently get a stain, CALL IMMEDIATELY.

We suggest not standing on your granite counters, especially at the sink, cook-top, and overhanging edges.

Granite is natural stone, available in many variations and textures. Most have pits and/or fissures that are inherent to stone and are not considered defects. Please be sure you can appreciate the look of the granite you select, as the fabrication process does not remedy pits and/or fissures, or any random pronounced markings common to some stone.

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